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Lydia Villa


Lydia moved to Austin back in 2006 from the windy city of Chicago with her husband Jerry to raise their two children Cesar and Ashley. Since then they have a little Texas surprise “Carla” who is now 11 and attends Coupland school.

Lydia worked as a certified Ophthalmic technician, throughout most of her life. In 2014 they decided to move to the country side of Elgin.

Commuting to the down town Austin daily fighting traffic took to much time away from her family and decided to become a Realtor.

Lydia has been licensed since 2014 as a fulltime bilingual agent. She has shown great dedication and is always up for any challenges. She has gained great knowledge with Fannie Mae, short sales, residential, farm & ranch and leases. Lydia really enjoys helping people and making sure they have a positive, worried free experience with their journey of either buying, selling or leasing a home.


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